Her Darkest Beauty 3 (8)

An Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation

A perfect assassin. A mind-controlling alien. Humanity caught in the crosshairs.
Karra hopes that the recent assassination job will be her last. Her life is not safe enough for her to raise her child. But something too large and dark inside her head prevents her from loving others, even her own daughter. The entity that has controlled her since childhood refuses to relinquish its grip on her exquisite violence.
As Karra wars against her internal captor, the alien race orchestrates its takeover of the entire planet. To fight back against impossible odds, Karra must master her alien parasite and learn how to defeat it. Does it even have a weakness to exploit? If she fails in her mission, the alien will use her as an example as the way to make all humanity their slaves, including her precious little girl.